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Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

With the lovely feeling of the sun's heat on your skin it can come at a hefty price in the form of skin cancer. Although there may be a freckle sized dot on the top of your skin the legs of the skin cancer run deep and the results of removal can be very evident.

I recently went on a three day trip in 90 degree blazing heat and sun all day. On this trip I used Dermalogica's Protection 50 Sport. I put it on in the morning, walked around outside all day and did not get sunburned once. During this trip I was sweating profusely every where I had applied it and it still worked. We carry this amazing product at Hot Heads Salon and Spa and would love to see you protect your skin as much as I was able to with my skin. We are located at 875 Page Street in Manchester - Exit 6 off 93.

Also read through this site to find more information on how to identify skin cancer.

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